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80 years of experience in the kitchen market – Our history

Haus Beck – Our showroom and trainings center


BAUFORMAT kitchens are available exclu­si­ve­ly through qualified furniture and kitchen retailers. They cannot be obtained directly ex-works from BAUFORMAT.

Opening hours

Tuesday to Friday          10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Saturday                      10:00 am to 2:00 pm

Our exhibi­ti­on and training centre will be closed on the following days:

Mainten­an­ce work: 14.12.2018
Christmas: 22.12.2018 – 01.01.2019

Haus Beck 5

32584 Löhne

Quality is our top priority

– Our quality guarantee

The brand seal „Made in Germany“ goes far beyond the produc­tion location for us. German Quality is taken very seriously in all areas of produc­tion in our group of companies.

We take a lot of time and make targeted invest­ments in state-of-the-art produc­tion facili­ties, efficient produc­tion techno­lo­gies, high environ­men­tal standards and respon­si­ble suppliers.

Our products of tomorrow should not only be modern but also sustain­ab­le and durable. Deep-rooted values to discover behind each and every door and in all drawers of our kitchens –as a standard, that’s self-evident.

Winner of the BMK innovationprice

– Our Industry Style-kitchen

Indus­tri­al Style – the powerful material mix of metal and timber at different stages of the produc­tion process or with the clear and conti­nuous lines of our handle less surfaces are ready to meet the current market trends. This was our source of inspi­ra­ti­on in terms of develo­ping and planning.

With our kitchen, we are brushing off the dust from the Indus­tri­al Style while taking it to your home with special chic and charm.

Our Indus­tri­al Style kitchen is the pioneer for the current indus­tri­al style design trend within the kitchen industry. The distinc­tive features of the indus­tri­al style had influence on the develop­ment. Hence, this kitchen contains visible raw material such as steel and natural wood. The charac­te­ris­tic steel construc­tion replaces the classical plinth and provides lightness despite its optical presence.

Our kitchen combines innova­ti­ve material with the proven matt lacquered front – one of Bauformat’s core compe­ten­ces.

Because of the high quality „Tree Time“real wood every planning is unique. Each front is a single piece and therefore upgrades the appearan­ce of the end product, for those who love and live timber.

Our kitchen offers a wider scope and planning options for kitchens but also for home furnis­hings.