Kalmar 642 – 314 | Glasgow 574


The Lightbridge provides light, acts as a splash guard and creates space for everyday items. It matches the look of the black mixer tap and handles in the style of industrial design.


Dimmable and infinitely adjustable, our lighting systems create an atmosphere of well-being in no time at all. Whether with the Lightbridge, the Malindi recessed LED light vertically integrated into the carcase side (without visible cables), or with the UP & DOWN LED strip which shines its light both up and down – lighting creates design features and accentuates.


It looks exactly like real glass: the 45° bevelled and seamless edges of the Glasgow front guarantee a generous feeling of depth. In terms of functionality, the smart material is a step ahead: it is ten times more unbreakable and 50 per cent lighter than real glass. The elegant, matt surfaces with soft touch and anti-bacterial coating leave no margin of doubt with their high level of scratch resistance in everyday use. Immaculate: the anti-fingerprint effect saves time on cleaning.