F.A.Q. – Frequent­ly Asked Questions
Some people had already  maybe the same questions.
Sales &
Is a direct kitchen sale possible?
We accept orders only through specia­li­sed kitchen dealers.
Which delivery times at Bauformat?
Our delivery times are according to the order entry. Please contact your dealer about the delivery times.
I need a quotation.
Only your dealer can give you an answer to the quotation question.
I need help for designing my kitchen!
During a sales conver­sa­ti­on, you have the latitude to express all your expec­ta­ti­ons and needs on your fitted kitchen. Please contact your dialer and ask him to design your kitchen. He is your contact person as far as your kitchen is concerned.
I want to order a sample.
The dealer has big choice of samples. Please contact him.
Are you a certified company?
Wir are a certified company as far as the enviro­ment and quality assurance is concerned.
About the
How can I clean my kitchen?
What does „Cube 130“ mean?
Cube 130 is a planning grid based on 130 mm and 65 mm door height dimen­sio­nal.
Which thickness do the worktops have at Bauformat?
The worktops are 16, 25, 40 and 105 mm thick.
What is the load capacity of the pullouts and drawers?
For the drawers: max. 30 kg,
for the pullouts up to 600 mm: max. 30 kg,
for the pullouts up to 1000 mm: max. 65 kg.
What is the capacity of the wall units?
The load capacity is 60 kg / m².
Which standard carcass depths are available?
Bauformat proposes you the following carcass depths: 380, 500, 600 und 750 mm.
Which standard carcass heights are available?
Base unit heights are available in 715 and 780 mm. Tall and appliance unit heights are available in 1495, 1625, 1950, 2015, 2080, 2145, 2210 und 2275 mm.
How to open wall units in a handleless kitchen?
You can open the wall unit by means of a bottom handle strip, by means of an a push-to-open system, by means of a light bottom or by means of an eletrical engine driven device (EMA).
I need my colour in RAL-colour accent!
Our colours are not aligned to the RAL-Colour system or to similar denomi­na­ti­ons. Please contact a  spezia­li­sed colour shop, in order to compare the colours.
Guarantee &
I'd like to make a claim / ask about guarantee!
For all questions about claims, the dealer will be your contact person. As far as the guarantee is concerned, you will find the infor­ma­ti­on in the sales contract. Your contract partner will answer to your guarantee questions.
I'd like to make a claim on the appliance!
Please contact the manufac­tu­rer of your appliance.
Note: BAUFORMAT kitchens are available exclu­si­ve­ly through qualified furniture and kitchen retailers. They cannot be obtained directly ex-works from BAUFORMAT.

Should you need a help, please send a mail or call us directly.

For your questions, please mail to info@bauformat.de or dial:  +49 (0) 57 32 / 1 02-0.