It's all in the handle! 
Handles and knobs are the finery in your kitchen. A wealth of options for opening and closing your kitchens is key to defining your kitchen's design while also adding, an individual, personal touch. Here's an overview of the options we can give you.

Kitchens with handles/knobs


The range includes:

  • knobs, handles and rail handles mounted on the front. Handle widths and rail handle lengths are factory-defined.
  •  Grip ledges recessed into the front.The grip ledges are always as wide as the front.


The choice of handle shapes, colours and surface finishes/feel is huge:

  • It ranges from stylishly curved country-style handles to angular, modern designer handles.
  • The whole line-up is complemented by variety of materials, such as aluminium, stainless steel, wood and leather.
  • The option of selecting any handle position gives your kitchen an additional stamp of individuality.

Handleless kitchens

Our handleless range is divided into 3: 

For the handleless kitchen of unsurpassed elegance. The base units are divided up in the classic way, i.e. with two horizontal grip ledges. But it doesn't stop there, you can create even more of a WOW effect by choosing our illuminated grip ledges.

CP One

Here, there is only one grip ledge at the top directly below the work surface. The pull-outs are fitted as standard with TIP-ON mechanically assisted opening. Both grip ledges from CP and CP One  are available in matching front colours in silky matt and high gloss as well as in a stainless-steel finish.

Tip-On & Servo-Drive

With mechanical TIP-ON opening assistance and the electronic SERVO-DRIVE, a light tap on the front is all it takes to open and close units even more easily and conveniently.

Lacquered grip ledges

You can choose our grip ledges in stainless-steel or brass look as well as in numerous high-gloss and matt lacquer colours.

We can also supply the grip ledges with LED illumination. This is permanently integrated into the profile, not bonded to the underside.