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Experience quality. Live kitchens.

Do you live in the UK and would like a "Made in Germany" quality kitchen at an attractive price? Then visit one of the many exclusive Elite Dealers in your area! Benefit from qualified retail partners who will immerse you in BAUFORMAT's kitchen world with their first-class advice. The direct line to us will ensure that the whole process then runs smoothly!

If you are a British retailer and would like to join our Elite Studio programme, then our local field services in the UK and Ireland will be pleased to help. Market two renowned kitchen brands, BAUFORMAT and burger, from a single point – and learn all about the many benefits of an exclusive partnership at the baumann academy!



Are you already selling BAUFORMAT and/or burger kitchens but would like to get more out of it? Or are you currently focused on other brands and consider a lucrative switch to one of Germany’s Top 5 manufacturers? Then take a closer look at our Elite Studio scheme!

Becoming an Elite Studio means you will be exclusively positioned, displaying a cross-section of the baumann group’s high-quality portfolio. You will grab people’s attention. You will be the go-to place for premium designs with unique features.

Here’s the deal

Asking yourself what you need to do to qualify for Elite Dealership? Bob has the answer: “You’d have to have a minimum of four displays from the BAUFORMAT/burger portfolio, or dedicate 80% of your showroom to our brands if space is an issue. We would ask for a negotiated minimum turnover by year 2 – excluding display invoices and VAT. And baumann group products must be the only German brand in the showroom.”

If you are new to our kitchen universe, we request that you attend the baumann academy for product and design training. You can either do that on location in Burnley, or online at your own speed. 

Where’s the catch?

Service is key here at the baumann group. So, rest assured we will do our utmost to make you feel comfortable. We will even throw you a safety net. Your first six months with us as an Elite Studio will include a free remedial period. The invoices for the initial displays can be deferred, subject to credit insurance being secured.

As an Elite Studio, we offer to install your initial displays. Alternatively, if you decide to fit the kitchens yourself, you will receive a self-fitting cash allowance per display.

Then, within the first two calendar years, there is a display rebate, up to the value of display invoices. After that, the sales of existing displays will finance any new ones, which you are free to install whenever you feel the time is right.

Claim your discount

At the same time, you will be enjoying a number of benefits, explains Country Manager Bob Marsden: “Elite Studios receive a special discount off the standard terms. They will be able to redeem discount vouchers on orders of their choice, as well as complimentary product upgrades.”

Get more leads

Further benefits include a free three month trial period with Lead Wolf, an agency taking care of web design and social media content to create more leads. Case studies are a welcome way to display expert knowledge and tell success stories. To tie in with that, the baumann group will provide a link to the Elite Studios on their website.

Get the VIP treatment

Never miss the innovations and connect with fellow dealers for an exchange of experiences. How? By visiting Hausmesse, the company’s annual in-house fair in Löhne, Germany. As an Elite Studio, you will enjoy a free airport shuttle. Your hotel will be taken care of as well.


Are you ready to take your special place in the kitchen family?

Our team will be happy to answer any questions or queries.

Bob Marsden

Country Manager - UK/Ireland
Fon: +44 7557 9220 44
Email: bmarsden@bauformat.de

Adam Presch
Sales Manager - North England/Ireland
Fon: +35 3876 5298 00
Email: apresch@bauformat.de

Lee Graeme
Sales Manager - South England
Fon: +44 7305 0770 61
Email: lgraeme@bauformat.de