in a thickness of 25, 39 and 12 mm


Your kitchen has, of course, always been the space where meals are prepared. The kitchen still is today, but it has now also become a place that expresses your lifestyle. Just as the kitchen front needs to be smooth and modern for some - whether glossy or matt, plain-coloured or in wood decor - matching design elements are equally as important for the worktop.


Choose between a slimline look in 12 or 25 mm top thickness for a cool, modern kitchen design, or 39 mm for a traditional kitchen look, e.g. with framed fronts. Combine plinth and base unit height to give you your ideal working height and then make fine adjustments with the choice of worktop thickness.

Bar and counter tops

in a thickness of 90 mm

Make a statement in your kitchen with a bar or counter top in a material thickness of 90 mm. Accent statements, in wood or stone look for instance, make central eye-catchers in your kitchen.

Worktop edging

Postformed edging in all worktop decors

Hard-wearing, tried and proven, postformed worktops will give you lasting service in your kitchen. Modern look with a sharply defined edge radius are the result of decades of product development for the classic, rounded worktop.

They leave no margin of doubt with a seamless, hard-wearing laminate finish from surface and front edge radius right through to the underside. The thin particle-board supporting edge on the front lengthways edge provides high impact resistance and creates a calm-looking surface. A Eurospan raw chipboard is used as the core board.

PP edge (1.5 mm thick) in all worktop decors
as well as stainless-steel and brass-coloured

Your kitchen's design and layout is as individual as the demands and expectations you have on it. For the worktop to suit any configuration, worktops with a waterproof-bonded decorative edge, a PP edge, give you maximum planning flexibility. Add a further design feature to your kitchen. Reflect other design elements in your kitchen with an edge finish in stainless steel or brass.

Outside/inside corners
rounded or square

Design is a matter of detail. If you favour clean-looking lines and prefer straight, angular contours, choose straight edges. You prefer softer lines, plan all changes in worktop direction with rounded corners.

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