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A good kitchen witnesses weddings, christenings and the proud holder of a new driving licence. Most of all, though, the many wonderful exciting days in between. So, looking at it from a personal point of view, there's a lot to be said for seeing your new kitchen design as what it is: a piece of life planning. At the end of the day, your new kitchen can be like a new member of the family: full of flair, character and personality.

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Members of staff Now in its third generation, BAUFORMAT is a family business with a long tradition and ongoing success story. We have been communicating a wealth of expertise, knowledge and our values to specially trained young staff for over 100 years.
Kitchens a day Benefiting from advanced production methods as well as a broad national and international client base, BAUFORMAT ranks among Germany's five biggest kitchen furniture manufacturers. Showing a good measure of flexibility, we always keep a clear focus on our principles in quickly meeting customer's wishes.
Operating bases Operating from Löhne and Burg near Magdeburg, BAUFORMAT is firmly rooted in Germany as a furniture manufacturer. At both sites, we follow a clear commitment to quality: our furniture carries the VDM's "Furniture Made in Germany" seal of quality, as certification that it originates from German production.



When kitchen and living space melt into one, genuine timber makes the perfect choice. Whether designer or country kitchen style – every one of our timbers is unique, captivating with an aura that oozes character ...




Our furniture carries Germany's best-known environmental label, the Blue Angel. We only use low-emission lacquers and wood-based materials from sustainably managed forests.



What starts in the kitchen stylishly continues through in the bathroom. Modern furniture can adapt to any space in design, outfit and quality – all perfectly coordinated to create an overall impression of consistent harmony.


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